Speaking & InterviewS

Jane Lee Rankin is not new to the world of speaking.

She has spoken to audiences in keynotes, panels, conferences, podcasts and tv and radio interviews since her first book, Cookin Up A Storm was published in 1998. Her passion for the topics of writing, farming, agritourism and cooking come through loud and clear and leave the audience inspired. With the release of Farm Family she will be available to speak to large and small audiences, sit on panel discussions and sign books.


Jane Lee Rankin has been consulting with farmers who want to diversify their farm portfolio through agritourism since 2019 with one-on-one consulting and a one-day class held at Apple Hill Farm, Agritourism Works! As a first-generation farmer she learned many farming lessons along the way. When it comes to raising animals, mistakes are usually expensive or deadly and often avoidable. Teaching farmers new and old how to avoid costly errors and be inspired is her goal.


The Agritourism Works! message has been featured Internationally through the CAMELIDynamics Conference, The International Agritourism Workshop and the NAFMDA Convention. Opening farms to agritourism offers a variety of income producing options to farmers. Using real stories and examples from her path of an old growth orchard to successful agritourism farm, Jane Lee Rankin helps participants to focus on a vision and then create goals.